Anema Life Care

About ALC

Anema Life Care Pvt Limited began operations in 1999. In the year 2012, we began manufacturing pharmaceuticals. And, since our inception, we have been serving consumers globally and delivering veterinary items regardless of order size. Over time, we have developed a reputation for dependability and trust among our customers. Our personal service, solid working relationships, and the happiness of our customers, wherever they may be, are our sources of pride.

Our team is made up of dedicated individuals that value learning, empathy, and creativity. At every level and function, we demonstrate extraordinary diligence. Adherence to quality, investment in infrastructure development, best-in-class production techniques, excellent service standards, and high levels of laboratory certification have helped us to build long-term connections around the world.

Our goal is to manufacture high-quality, efficient, and safe cattle, poultry, and companion animal medications and feed supplements.


Our aim is to provide premium goods to all of our clients across the world with passion, a focus on service, leadership, and knowledge that will assure customer happiness and animal welfare.


We aspire to be a world-class, leading worldwide pharmaceutical firm that uses science to improve people’s lives on a daily basis.

Product Quality

The horizons of negotiation are protruded by quality. As a result, a world-class manufacturing facility in moscow, russia, has been established that can adhere to the exacting GMP criteria of any regulatory agency.

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