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Tylo 200


Tylvalosin Tartrate


Light yellow brown or yellow brown powder 

Pharmalogical Actions

Tylvalosin Tartrate is macrolides antibiotics specific for veterinary  clinic. It can inhibit the synthesis of bacterial protein then  inhibit the reproduction of bacteria. It has antibacterial activity against Gram-Positive bacteria and it is not easy for bacteria to produce the resistance, besides, it has antibacterial activity against the bacteria which are resistant to other antibiotics, while it scarcely has any activity against Gram-negative bacteria. Tylvalosin Tartrate has a powerful antibacterial activity against Mycoplasma septicum and Mycoplasma synoviae.


The product is used for the prevention and treatment of respiratory tract and digestive tract diseases of pigs and poultry caused by mycoplasma and sensitive bacteria.

Dosage and administration

Add in feed. Pigs: add the product 250g-375g in 1000kg feed(containing 50ppm-75ppm pure drugs in feed), Poultry: add the product 500g-1500g in 1000kg feed (containing 100ppm-300ppm pure drugs in feed), for 7-10 consecutive days. Use it for another cycle in the same dosage if necessary.

Adverse Reaction



1. Avoid contact with eyes and skin
2. Keep away from children
3. Animals use only

Withdrawal period

Poultry: 3 days, swine: 5 days, Not authorized for use in laying

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