Anema Life Care

Gro-Fat Suspension


Each ml contains :
Vitamin A BP…………….2.0 IU
Vitamin D BP……………0.2 IU 3


• GRO-FAT contains Vitamin A, D3 and sh oil which is a good stress reliever and immunity developer
• The sh oil contains Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Iodine,
• Phosphorus, Oil acids and some minerals


• GRO-FAT contains Vitamin A and Vitamin D which helps to develop the immunity of the animal
• Also, the sh oil contains additional Vitamin E and the oil acids which act as antioxidants intern strengthens the immunity by reducing the stress factor.
• These vitamins and sh oil has supportive activity for reproductive system of the animals
• Further, in animals the GRO-FAT helps for shiny coat and lustrous skin.
• In cattle, Gro-Fat along with concentrate feedings helps to increase milk yield milk quality


Do not administer to animals known to be hypersensitive to sh oil.


Cattle: 100 ml – 500 ml
Horse: 40 ml – 200 ml
Sheep & Goat: 20 ml – 100 ml
Pig: 4 ml – 70 ml
Dog: 10 ml – 30 ml
Cat: 5 ml – 10 ml
Bird: 2 ml – 5 ml
Chicken: 0.3 ml – 0.5 ml
Gro-Fat is for oral administration directly in mouth or mix in feed and to be given daily.

Side effects





For animal use only.
Keep away from children.


Store in a cool & dry place, protected from direct sunlight
Store below 10°C after opening the container


250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml

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